Martial Arts Curriculum
  • The Hyper Fight Club

    A progressive sparring curriculum created to inspire a generation of respected fight athletes who will stand up for themselves, their family and what they believe in. Athletes that are respectful, confident, brave, humble, positive, quick, powerful and strive to excel in the ring and in life.
  • Instructors and Coaches

    The simple and easy to follow Instructor Class Guides keep the experience consistent, fun to teach and professional across all instructors and classes. The Coaches Huddle Discussions educate athletes on Fight Science, The Champion Mindset, Respect Training and Bully Defense Strategies.
  • The Class Experience

    Every 12-week season athletes excel to a new level from the variety of modern class platforms, sparring combinations, challenges, drills, fight knowledge and events. Class plans mix up cutting edge music, warm ups, stretches, solid foundation techniques, core fundamentals, cross training combat sprints, team challenges, sport fighting, self defense and sparring games for a fun experience.
  • Pro Sparring Combinations

    Athletes learn most relevant sparring combinations, drills, counters, tactical strategies and philosophies from top fighters and coaches worldwide.

    This creates a fun training experience every member wants to come back for each week.